NYDA to work with BRICS bank

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) will work closely with the BRICS New Development Bank in rolling out programmes that will benefit young people, says NYDA Chairperson Sifiso Mtsweni.

“The inter-trade between the BRICS countries… over the last 10 years has been over R500 trillion. Our problem is that in that R500 trillion, there has not been any shareholding for young people,” Mtsweni said.

The NYDA Chairperson Sifiso Mtsweni was addressing a media briefing on Monday in Tshwane on the upcoming 4th BRICS Youth Summit, which will take place at Zebula Lodge Golf Estate in Bela Bela, Limpopo.

Chairperson Mtsweni said the role young people can play in the BRICS Bank will be discussed at the summit, particularly in relation to trade.

“As young people, we want to make concrete proposals to the Heads of State in order for them to ensure that young people are included in some of the decisions that will be taken in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” he said.

Mtsweni said the NYDA will look for opportunities in the natural resources as to diversify youth development programmes.

“It is disheartening that young people from rural areas migrate to urban areas in search for better opportunities. It is very important to ensure that the BRICS Youth Summit finds ways to encourage youth to stay in their communities and contribute to the growth and development of the rural areas,” he said.

The Fourth BRICS Youth Summit, organised by the NYDA in cooperation with the Department of National Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, will take place from the 15 to 18 July 2018 under the theme, ‘Radical Economic Transformation – Making the BRICS Bank for the Youth’.

The objectives of the summit include encouraging young leaders amongst BRICS countries to actively participate in addressing the most significant global challenges, economic and social issue and developmental agenda.

It is also aimed at establishing constructive exchange of views on strategic issues empowering youth and sharing ideas to build a brighter and better tomorrow.


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